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Fear of Losing Someone

F0ur years ago when I was 11 years old I watched a drama which was played on T.V. This was a story about a man whose face was half burnt.People hated him people ran away from him and they shrieked when he came in front of people and then that man became complicated and fearful person. But suddenly he fell in love with a girl who was blind but she was so pretty and  my words can’t describe her beauty but nobody was able to marry her because she was blind. A person whose face was burnt fell in love with her and then married her.

Day passed and one day she told her husband that I will be able to see this world if my eye operation will be successful she added that docter says this.When her husband heard this Awesome news he was not  happy and became sad. After few days he told her that doctor refused to do your operation and now you can’t see this world.

But that was not true then Why did he tell a lie? because he knew that if she will be able to see this world then she would see his face and eventually she will leave him alone.

In that stage when I watched this drama I called him selfish who care about only himself but now I refused to call him selfish any more because now I known he was not selfish he was afraid of losing another diamond and i don’t call him selfish because I know this world force him to SAVE his diamond like this and I don’t call him selfish any more because I know he didn’t learn any thing from his hate but only fear.

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